John Brooks is Long Island's Tax Relief Champion.

Recently, John Brooks released a widely-praised property tax relief plan to save the average Long Island resident at least $1,000 annually on their property taxes.

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How the Brooks Tax Relief Plan works:

Nassau homeowners fund 82% of their school systems, and Suffolk homeowners fund 70% - well above the state average of 65%. But Senator Brooks’ bill would cap the residential property tax share to 50% of local taxes – resulting in a fair tax burden for Long Island. Under the Brooks plan, the average Long Island resident will save at least $1,000 annually on their property taxes. Overall, this plan will provide Nassau and Suffolk residents $1.3 billion in tax relief.


John Brooks protecting our children

Fighting for Long Island schools’ fair share of funding

John Brooks is a former school board president and a graduate of Long Island’s public school system. For too long, Long Island taxpayers have sent far more funding to Albany than our public schools get back. John Brooks is a staunch advocate for Long Island’s fair share of education funding, securing more than $17 million in 2018 alone for school districts, and forcing Albany to critically reevaluate its over-reliance on property taxes to fund education in New York. Senator Brooks will continue working every day to make sure Long Island schools receive their fair share and provide a voice for the South Shore’s children in Albany.


John Brooks stands by our policemen

Standing up to the NRA for common-sense gun reform

Senator Brooks has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with millions of children, moms, and gun-violence survivors to demand common-sense gun reform to sure up New York’s gun laws.

John has sponsored legislation to:

  • Ban bump stock devices
  • Pass more effective background checks
  • Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals

While the Republican-led State Senate has stalled efforts for commonsense gun reform, placing the NRA’s interests over those of New Yorkers, John Brooks is the person we need to stand up for what is right and demand action on gun safety.


John Brooks talking with seniors

Protecting the South Shore and the environment

Superstorm Sandy showed just how vulnerable Long Island is to the devastating impacts of climate change. John Brooks fought for the desperately needed relief for Sandy victims, advocating for tax relief for those still impacted 5 years post-Sandy, and fighting to secure our coastlines and protect our shores from flooding. Senator Brooks challenged the federal government’s tone-deaf plan to drill for oil off the shores of Long Island and has tirelessly worked to mitigate the effects of pollution from the Bethpage Plume.


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Combating corruption from Albany to Long Island

In 2016, John Brooks was elected to bring change to New York’s 8th District, on the heels of massive corruption scandals that engulfed “power players” across Nassau and Suffolk County.

Since then, Senator Brooks has introduced legislation to authorize a state monitor for the Town of Oyster Bay, a town at the center of political corruption scandals and misuse of taxpayer resources, and sponsored legislation to prohibit the use of campaign funds for criminal defense when under federal criminal indictment.


John Brooks understands healthcare

Fighting to keep health care coverage affordable

John understands that affordable and high-quality health care coverage should be available to all New Yorkers. As State Senator, John has co-sponsored the New York Health Act, which would ensure that all New Yorkers have comprehensive health care, as well as legislation that safeguards New Yorkers’ ability to access health care and federal attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.



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